10 Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do

You’re probably aware of most of these uses – checking social media, sending emails, even making phone calls and sending texts – but you might not have discovered all of the ways you can use your Android smartphone. Here are 10 superpowers your phone has that you can take advantage of.

1. Share apps, contacts, photos, and music just by tapping phones.

The Android Beam (very sci-fi) allows you to instantly exchange almost anything — apps, contacts, music, videos, photos, and even certain app-specific items like favorite places on Foursquare or tagged songs in Shazam — just by touching one NFC-enabled device to another, typically back to back, and then tapping to send. Check if your phone is NFC-enabled under “More” in Settings (or, for Samsung devices, Settings > Connections) and then turn on either Android Beam or S Beam right below the NFC option.

2. Invert colors.

Just go to Settings > Accessibility (under “My Device” in Samsung) > Negative Colors to make your Android a little more readable at night and a lot more trippy.

3. Access Chrome tabs from other devices

If you’re using Chrome as your default browser – and let’s be honest: who isn’t? – were you aware that you can access the Chrome tabs from your other devices on your phone or tablet?

4. If found, return to:

This is another great tip for anyone with a tendency to misplace their things or for those with the bad habit of leaving your phone on the restaurant table while they dash off to the bathroom. If your phone gets lost and you suspect it has been picked up by someone, you can put a message on the lock screen telling the finder of your phone how to get in contact with you.

5. Scan barcodes

Back to the camera on your smartphone: You can turn it into a usable barcode scanner with ease and an app such as the aptly named Barcode Scanner. The app works with QR codes as well as barcodes and there are plenty of third-party apps on the Google Play Store that do the same job.

6. Plug a mouse/keyboard into your phone

You can plug a wired or wireless mouse/keyboard into an android phone and it’ll work.

7. Use ‘Smart Stay’

Smart Stay is another Samsung-specific feature, which keeps your Android at a bright display for as long as your eyes are on it. Just go to Settings > Display/Smart Screen > Smart Stay.

8. Test all its features.

Yes! all it takes is one command *#0#. This works for most of the devices especially Samsung Devices.

9. Mirror and Control your Android Screen from PC

Splashtop is RDP Android app, which can control and mirror your PC screen to Android mobile. This very fast streaming app, you can watch PC movies in android mobile from this app.

10. Run Linux OS in Android Mobile

This is amazing you run whole Linux os in your android mobile. You can use your Android phone as a pen testing machine from running Backtrack Linux in Android Mobile. Linux Deploy is a great app to do so.

There is alot more coming.Stay tuned



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